Materials: paper, markers/crayons, cotton balls and glue (optional)

  • Start by making clouds. You can have your child glue three or four cotton balls together on a piece of paper to make a cloud. Repeat to make four or more separate clouds. If you don’t have cotton balls, help him or her draw clouds.
  • Next, write a number above the cloud. If your child is in pre-K, stick to numbers between 1 and 10. If your child is in kindergarten, you can try numbers up to 20. Ask your child what the number is.
  • Then, ask your child to make that many raindrops below each cloud. He or she can make raindrops with a marker or fingerprints.
  • If you’d like, you can reverse the activity! Have your child make raindrops under the cloud, counting aloud as each is made. Then have your child write the number of raindrops he or she made above each cloud.