This full-body activity will get your child moving while teaching him or her about the four stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis.

  • To begin, remind your child of the changes that a butterfly goes through during metamorphosis. Together use your bodies to act out each of the stages:
    • First, the caterpillar starts out as a teeny tiny egg. (Curl up into a little ball.)
    • Then, it comes out as a wriggly caterpillar. It eats and eats and eats! (Stretch out slowly and move around on your belly. Pretend to munch on leaves.)
    • Next, its skin hardens into a chrysalis (pronounced kris-uh-lis). (Stand very stiff and straight. Wrap your arms around your body.)
    • Finally, the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis. It has beautiful wings! It can fly away. (Spread your arms as “wings” and “fly” around the room.)
  • Now call out each of the stages in order again: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly. Have your child continue to work through the motions on his or her own. As your child moves, ask him or her how each of the movements feels on his or her body.