Do You Hear the Fire Truck? Lesson Plan

Academic Standards


Reading Objective:

Children will identify the parts of a fire truck and the sounds they make.


Social Studies Focus Focus:

community helpers


Health and Safety Focus:

fire safety


Page 4 Skill:

letter recognition



boots, hose, ladder, firefi ghters, firehouse



RI.K.1, RI.K.4, RF.K.2, SL.K.2

  • Watch our video Firefighters Suit Up!
  • Afterward, ask children to name a piece of firefighter gear they learned about and tell how it protects the firefighter.
  • Read the magazine together.
  • After finishing each section, ask kids to make the sound.
  • Then play our Dance Break video and move like fi refi ghters!
  • Finally, use the Show What You Know printable to assess comprehension and build early literacy skills.

Materials: crayons, glue, craft sticks, and pre-cut shapes: one red rectangle, two black circles, one red square, and one white square per fire truck. Tip: If you don’t have construction paper in different colors, you can use white paper and color it with crayons.

  • Kids can glue the shapes to a piece of paper to make a fire truck. Use positional words to direct them:
  1.  Glue the rectangle to the middle.

  2.  Glue the circles under the rectangle.

  3.  Glue the red square next to the rectangle.

  4.  Glue the white square inside the red square.
  • Let kids draw themselves in the white square. To make a ladder, kids can glue on two craft sticks and draw lines between them.