Can You Taste the Rain? Lesson Plan

Academic Standards


Reading Objective:

Children describe how they can experience different kinds

of weather using the five senses.


Science Focus:

weather, five senses


Page 4 Skill:

critical thinking



feel, hear, precipitation, rain, see, senses, smell, snow, sunshine,

taste, thunder, weather, wind



RI.K.1, RF.K.3.C, RI.K.3, SL.K.2

  • Play our video The Five Senses. Then ask children what the weather was like when they went to school this morning. What did they see in the sky? How did Did they feel? Cold, warm, or in between?
  • Read the issue together. Invite kids to point to each part of their body as you go.
  • Then get kids up and moving with our Dance Break video.
  • Finally, do the Show What You Know skill sheet.
  • With our digital game Raindrop Pop!, kids practice sight words by popping raindrops!
  • Kids can sharpen their meteorological skills with our My Weather Report skill sheet!

Materials: light-colored construction paper, masking tape

  • In advance, write actions on sheets of construction paper, such as “wiggle,” “pull your ears,” ”stand on one foot,” and so on. Then tape the sheets to the floor in a zigzag pattern. These will be the “puddles.” Space the sheets so kids can get from one to the next with a small stretch.
  • Have kids take off their shoes and socks and line up behind the puddles. Then play some music! When the music stops, kids have to do whatever is written on their puddle!
  • A variation of the game is to do it outdoors and make the puddles with sidewalk chalk. You can also make it a skills game by writing sight words on the puddles and having kids read their sight word aloud.