1 Egg, 2 Eggs, I See Blue Eggs Lesson Plan

Academic Standards


Reading Objective:

Children will identify animals that lay eggs and learn what the eggs

look like.


Science Focus:

egg animals


Page 4 Skill:




egg, speckled



RI.K.1, RF.K.3,D, W.K.2,. SL.K.2

  • Before watching our video Eggs Big and Small, ask kids what eggs look like. They might describe the ones they see in the grocery store! Then ask what animals lay eggs. They may say chickens!
  • After watching, have kids turn and talk with a partner, telling one new thing they learned.
  • It’s rhyme time! Kids will love our Word Family Egg Hunt game.
  • In our Color by Word Family skill sheet, kids use their knowledge of word families to reveal a “mystery picture” of a ladybug laying her eggs.
Example of a paper frog egg

Materials: Flip-Up Eggs skill sheets, pencils, crayons

  • Pass out the skill sheets and have children cut out their eggs, making sure NOT to cut across the middle. Instead, they should fold the egg in half, as pictured.
  • Next, each child can choose an animal that hatches from an egg. You might make a list of animals from the issue and then brainstorm more animals, such as frogs, turtles, and spiders.
  • On the front of the egg, have kids fill in the blanks to describe their animal. Then have kids f lip up the front. On the inside, have them draw and label the animal!
  • Play a guessing game. Let a child read what they wrote on the front of their egg. After kids make guesses, the child can flip up the egg to reveal the answer.