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Children will identify ways to help their friends.

SEL Focus: relationship skills

Simple, spectacular ideas to boost your lessons.

Paired Text: I Can Help by David Hyde Costello

  • When a duckling gets lost, a string of animals off er to help—each animal in its own way.
  • The story shows kids that everyone has something special to off er friends in need.

Shared Writing: Friendship Words

  • Make a chart of words that relate to friends and friendship. You can brainstorm qualities that make a good friend (honest, caring) and actions that good friends do (help, listen).
  • Kids can use the chart as inspiration for the hands-on activity below.

Hands-on Activity: Friendship Valentines

Skill: writing

Materials: Valentine template, crayons, pencils, scissors

  • Write each child’s name on a slip of paper, and have kids pick a classmate’s name out of a bag or basket.
  • Give each child a template and have them make a valentine for the child whose name they picked! They can write or dictate to complete the sentence and then draw a picture.
  • Post children’s work on a Valentine Friendship wall.