Resources in Spanish

Resources in Spanish

Let’s Find Out Spanish supports a wide range of students in the exciting adventure of learning a second language. We bring our early childhood language learners motivating, seasonal nonfiction that builds knowledge and vocabulary to help students become proficient bilinguals. Our delightful print and digital resources are tailored for emergent bilingual children, either English as Second Language (ESLs) or Spanish as Second Language (SSLs) learners. We incorporate active learning and best teaching practices, including movement, song, discussion, and hands-on investigations.

How to Access Let's Find Out Spanish

There are two ways you can access our resources in Spanish. 

1. Subscribe to our print issue and access the English and Spanish versions online.

Let’s Find Out Spanish is a great resource for dual language, ESL, and SSL teachers looking for high-quality materials in Spanish. 

With your subscription you receive weekly readers for each student in your classroom that children can take home and share with their parents or caretakers. You also receive La Gran Edición del Maestro, which is a big issue for you to show kids while you teach the issue in front of the classroom. 

You can also access our online resources. This is another whole world to explore! There are videos, games, a read-aloud option, and an archive. We’ll take you through all of this shortly, but for a moment, let’s think of all the possibilities. 

For example, you can use the read-aloud option in your classroom for children to hear a native Spanish speaker reading and pronouncing the words in the magazines, or you can allow parents to access the issues and use the read-aloud option at home. This is particularly useful when parents are not Spanish speakers themselves!

Also, remember that at any time, if your students need to take a look at the English version, they can access it quickly and easily by just clicking this button here:

2. If you already subscribe to Let’s Find Out, go online and access the Spanish version.

If you happen to have just a couple of bilingual students in your classroom, in transition to learn English, or with limited English proficiency, LFO Spanish is an important resource to support their first language acquisition. 

Educators and scholars agree that supporting students’ first language plays a big role in second-language development. With LFO Spanish, children can listen to the issues read-aloud, watch videos, and play the educational games in Spanish beforehand to get ready for their class in English. This will make it easier for them to make connections and understand the content and vocabulary in English, while developing their Spanish vocabulary and strengthening their language and comprehension skills in general. 

To help your students access the Spanish versions before teaching your class, you can ask parents to read the issues to their child online or watch our videos at home, or you can take a moment before reading the issue in English, divide your students into small groups by English language proficiency, and allow your students to listen to the issue in English or Spanish before reading the issue for the whole group. Both English speakers and ESL learners will benefit from a second reading!

Remember, our Spanish version is easily available to them, with just one click, here: 

Our Online Resources

Take-Home Letter to Parents

You can use the resources in your classroom or allow parents to access our resources online and read the issue, watch background videos, or play educational games before teaching a lesson in your classroom. You can find our take-home letter in Spanish at the bottom of our homepage, in our Teacher’s Corner:

Activate Read-Aloud

There’s a wealth of resources waiting for you and your students on our website. Students can access the Spanish or English versions, including the read-aloud option, videos, and games. You can also find issues, videos, and games from years past in our archive. First, let’s take a look at how to activate the read-aloud option. 

To activate the read-aloud option, go to one of our issues online:

Once inside the issue’s page, click on the cover to see the issue.

And click on the sound icon:

Our Archive

You can also access old issues, games, and videos when you visit our archive. Here’s how to get to it and find whatever you need. There are two ways to get to the Archive. You can click “All Issues” or “Videos” at the top of the website, or you can click on any of the buttons under “Archive” at the bottom of our homepage. 

In the archives, scroll down to filter results in the left-hand column—especially at the bottom, where you can filter by language. Click “Spanish.”