System Requirements

For Windows

Operating systems:

Windows 10


Google Chrome, latest two versions

Microsoft Edge, latest two versions

For Mac

Operating systems:

OS X 10.15 and above


Google Chrome, latest two versions

Safari, latest two versions

For Mobile Devices


Chromebooks running Chrome OS

iOS (iPad, iPhone), 15 and above


Operating systems and browsers above are recommended, older versions are unsupported though may be compatible.


If your school uses a firewall to block streaming video content, ask your systems administrator to allow access to URLs recommended by Limelight and Brightcove, our streaming video providers. Please whitelist the domains *​ and *​ as well as the Brightcove URLs on this list.

Cookies and pop-ups should be enabled for

For use of optional Google Integration features, the apps "Scholastic Digital Manager" and "Classroom Magazines" must be granted access to users’ Google accounts.

"Think Sheets" can be downloaded by Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or similar PDF applications.