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Children will sequence the steps in the chicken life cycle.

Vocabulary: coop, hens, roosters

Science Focus: animal life cycles

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Paired Text: Peep and Egg: I’m Not Hatching by Laura Gehl

  • Peep the chick just can’t get Egg to hatch! Egg likes the safety of the shell. Can Peep convince Egg to come out into the big, wide world?

Sequencing: Put It in Order

  • Use the Put It in Order skill sheet to make a sequencing puzzle. Cut out the pictures and put them in a plastic bag for center time.
  • To do the activity, simply have kids put the photos in the correct order, narrating the steps aloud as they do so.

Scavenger Hunt: Pages 2-3

  • Use pages 2-3 of the issue to do this scavenger hunt as a group.
  1. Find the heading. Underline it.
  2. Circle the number that tells you how many days it takes until the eggs are ready to hatch.
  3. Find the speech bubble. Put a ✓ on it.
  4. Look at the blue box. What word means “safe and warm”? Underline it.

Hands-on Activity: Make a Life Cycle Wheel!

Skill: sequencing

Materials: Chicken Life Cycle Wheel skill sheets, scissors, crayons, paper fasteners

  • Make a copy of both skill sheets for each child. Have children cut out the top wheel and bottom wheel.
  • Next, children can color the pictures and write their name. Finally, have them put the top wheel on top of the bottom wheel and insert a paper fastener through the middle. They can use the arrow tab to turn the wheel.
  • As each picture shows through the window, have children describe what happens during that step, for example: The hen keeps the eggs warm. Then the eggs start to crack open. When the chick first comes out, it is wet. Next, the chick gets dry and fluffy!