Happy New Year! Lesson Plan

Academic Standards


Reading Objective:

Children will identify and follow some New Year’s holiday traditions.


Social Studies Focus:

holidays and traditions


Page 4 Skill:




celebrate, fireworks, midnight, New Year’s Eve, resolution, tradition



RI.K.1, RF.K.3.C, L.K.1, SL.K.2

  • Watch our video Happy New Year! to show kids different New Year’s traditions from around the world! Afterward, ask: “Which tradition would you like to do? Why?”
  • Read the magazine together.
  • Use the Show What You Know skill sheet as a follow-up activity. You can project it and discuss the questions together, or send it home for kids to work on with families.
  • Children practice sightword recognition while putting on their own dazzling New Year’s fireworks show with our online game Fireworks Sight Words.
  • You can also have kids practice sight words with crayons and paper! They can reveal a mystery picture with our Color by Sight Word skill sheet.
Example of a completed pair of new years glasses made out of paper

Materials: New Year’s Resolution templates, crayons, pencils

  • Print out copies of the New Year’s Resolution templates. Let children choose a design, color it, and cut it out.
  • Next, help kids cut out the writing sections. Have them finish the sentence to write their resolution. They can get ideas from the issue or come up with their own, for example, I will try to eat more vegetables; I will help walk the dog; or I will practice learning to skateboard!
  • Finally, kids can fold and tape the tab of their horn, balloon, or glasses so it covers their writing. If you like, place children’s work on display. They can f lip up the New Year’s designs to see each other’s resolutions!