A guide for using our resources

Children will identify qualities that make them special.

Vocabulary: awesome, classmates, personality, special

SEL Focus: self-awareness

Simple, spectacular ideas to boost your lessons.

Paired Text: Alma y cómo obtuvo su nombre by Juana Martínez Neal

  • Alma has a very long name, and she finds out that each name comes from an ancestor in her family's history.
  • Ask students if they know where their names come from. It may be a conversation starter at home!

Shared Writing: Soy especial porque...

  • What’s special about your students? Make a word web! Write Soy especial porque... in the middle of the web.
  • Let children complete the sentence as you write their answers at the end of the spokes, adding their names.
  • Take a picture and send it home to parents!

Home-School Connection: Conoce a tus estudiantes

  • Every child is special, and no one knows your students better than their families! Send a note home to get to know your students better. Families will appreciate the chance to get involved.
  • Here are some questions you might ask:

• ¿Hay algo que quiera contarme sobre su niño?
• ¿Qué le gusta a su niño de la escuela?
• ¿Habla su niño de los momentos en que se siente frustrado en la escuela? ¿Cuándo se siente frustrado en la escuela?

  • With parents’ feedback, you’ll learn what makes every child unique!

Hands-on Activity: Lanza el dado

Skill: social and emotional learning

Materials: Lanza el dado skill sheet, number cube

  • Kids can play this fun icebreaker game to learn about themselves and each other while they also practice new skills like counting and reading a key.
  • Show children the skill sheet and a number cube. When they roll the number cube, they will look for the matching number of dots on the sheet. Then they will tell the other players their corresponding favorite. For instance, if they roll a 2, they tell their favorite animal.
  • Let children play in small groups all at once as you circulate. Or leave the activity as an option for small groups or partners at center time. It’s a great way to encourage conversation and let kids see what makes them special—and what they have in common!